IP: avesmc.mcalias.com
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Our team here at AvesMC strives to provide an excellent server to an amazing player base. Unlike other servers, we pride ourselves in adapting to our ever-so-diverse community. If a majority of our players want a particular plugin or wish for a particular one to be removed, for example, we will adjust our plugins accordingly. This simply means we build off of what our players wish to see, and only off of what they wish to see.
    We also pride ourselves in stating we are completely LGBT+ friendly, and we try to keep our team diverse so we can have many perspectives from many different angles. AvesMC will not tolerate bigots within our staff team and that also means we will not tolerate them within our community. 

About Us
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As far as religion and political views go, we’re a highly accepting place and refuse to allow anybody to feel left out. Please do not misunderstand us, though, where we accept everybody's views, we do not want folks to shove their beliefs down other folks’ throats.
    Now that we’ve gotten all of the more… serious topics out of the way, we can get to the fun stuff! On our Minecraft server, we have a MobArena, a Creative plots world, and (of course) Survival. We hope that we can drag in people of all ages and likes to the server with these plugins and, do not fret, our discord seeks to please even the older audience. We have an 18+ chat for those who simply cannot sit well with younger individuals. You see, we wish to be a family-friendly place while making it fun for all parties involved.