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At AvesMC, our staff strives to provide a friendly environment for players of all ages where you can invite friends, make new ones and just have fun playing a game that we all love! We hope to see you soon!

- The AvesMC Staff


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Our team here at AvesMC strives to provide an excellent server to an amazing player base. Unlike other servers, we pride ourselves in adapting to our ever-so-diverse community. If a majority of our players want a particular plugin or wish for a particular one to be removed, for example, we will adjust our plugins accordingly. This simply means we build off of...


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As surprising as this may sound AvesMC doesn't just run on the love of our great community!
Donations are what help us keep the server running if you enjoy playing on AvesMC show your support by donating! We are always grateful for any donations we receive!


Our Discord Server is a great place to talk to friends and make new ones!